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Tagged: #I always talk by satellite. #Don't #you #too? #And when I'm away from home I just strap it around my waist, like a napsack! #I dare lady gaga to make a dress out of scrap satellite parts! #Truth or Dare #Do you dare to tell the truth? #Mwuahhahahahahhaha! #Starry sky, oh so bright, won't you make me some tea tonight? #Slap a pillow under my head, and stick me under the sheets on my bed. #Satellie funnel, you look so pretty. I took a picture of you because of the sun on the bottom right! #But due to my lack of successful editing, now it just looks outta place. #There was a tune to all of that. #It was really rather adorable. MY next hit single, I believe. #Oh, and the sky stock is from ro-stock on DA

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